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25 Sep The Truth About Gender Equality and Board Member Search

Board member gender equality is something that is always on our minds at Cardinal Board Services. Being in the industry for 25 years has given us the opportunity to hear many facts and fictions about why so few women are in leadership positions. If your company is not equally represented, we urge you to learn the facts, because your next best board member is likely a woman. To set the groundwork, let’s start by getting clear on the equality gap. “Women make about 20% of all directors at S&P 500 companies. Nearly three-quarters of boards have at least two women...

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06 Feb Board Member Search Firm Seeks More Board Stakeholder Representation

I met with a senior executive woman recently and she concurred that the representation of women board members is about equal to the representation of women in senior management roles in companies. By focusing on representing STAKEHOLDERS, women have a much more likely chance to serve on boards.  Stakeholders represent shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers and communities.  This representation has more than 19% of the employees or customers that are women which gives senior management strong governance guidance as they consider strategic issues that challenge the company. Read the recent Wall Street Journal article "Are Changes In Store for Women in the Boardroom?" and...

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21 Jan Women Board Members Increase in 2015? A Board Search Firm Responds

As a board search firm who works with privately held companies to recruit board members, we are constantly discussing the topic of adding women to the board of directors. According to a recent Washington Post article, women hold 19% of the board seats on corporate boards. The increase in conversation provides optimism for promoting more women in business and leadership. "I don't believe shaming anyone makes a difference on this topic," said Maggie Wilderotter, the CEO and chair of Frontier Communications, who is among the five women on her 12-member board. "But I do think a lever that is gaining some momentum is that...

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10 Dec Below the Surface – Board of Directors Search Firm

BELOW THE SURFACE On Monday, December 8th, it was announced that Trudy Rautio the CEO of Carlson Companies was appointed to the Board of Directors of Cargill Corporation.  It could be construed that this was a diversity addition to the Cargill board as Trudy will be the only female independent board member.  That is too easy of an assumption.  So what would be the real reason that Trudy was added.  Maybe it is because Cargill and Carlson companies both are located in Minnetonka or the companies names both start with the letter "C". Most likely the reasons are multifaceted such as Carlson...

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13 Nov Companies With Three or More Female Directors Achieve Better Financial Results

Here is proof that diversity pays dividends! There have been numerous studies and reports on the advantages of having women on your board of directors.  In the Wall Street Journal article Female CEO's Make Room for Female Directors spells it out and how women CEO's are leading the way on this in their own company boards.  One of the best quotes in the article was "Big companies with three or more female directors achieved significantly better financial results than those with none".  The other quote really supports my experiences that the CEO Mindy Grossman of HSN said "If you narrow what you...

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31 Oct Brutally Honest Conversation about Board Diversity with Board Members

This week I had two interesting conversations that with current board members about: 1. Board Diversity 2. Value of a highly functional board of directors The board diversity conversation happened ironically after a board meeting that I attended.  One of the company executives that was in attendance at the board meeting also joined us for lunch after the meeting was over.  During lunch the discussion turned to the bank board he serves as Chairman on.  A comment was made by Rick (Chairman of the bank) made the statement the he took my advice.  It always surprises me when someone says this in a public...

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14 Oct Board Diversity is a Success in the Boardroom

Board diversity is always a hot topic, especially when a board seat becomes available on a company board.  The truth is that diversity is evolving.  Diversity goes far beyond gender and race but unfortunately that is what is easiest to measure. Board nominees for women are now 30%, double what they were 6 years ago, and a mere 15% growth year over year. According to a recent article on "women still make up less than 20 percent of U.S. boards on average, movement toward greater gender parity is evident with the proportion of new nominees that are women nearly doubling...

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19 Sep Board of Directors Search for Women in the Boardroom

Myself (Jim Zuehlke) and Charlie Roer are co-founders of Cardinal Board Services and we are helping add women to board of directors across the country. We are narrowing the search to help shape companies in the boardroom after hearing complaints from boards that there are difficulties finding c-level females to serve as directors. The search firm has a vast network of women leaders in a variety of industries that provide experience and diversity for privately held companies. More now than ever before boards are requesting to see female candidates to interview for a board of directors position. Cardinal Board Services offers a flat...

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16 Sep Authors Write Different Ending for Amazon’s Board of Directors

In a recent letter by Authors United to the Amazon board of directors requested to challenge CEO Jeff Bezos to stop the “sanctioning” of Hachette author’s books. In the letter it states that the sanctions include “refusing pre-orders, delaying shipping, reducing discounting and using pop-up windows to cover authors’ pages.” The group charges that this has driven down sales by nearly 90%. Over 1,000 authors signed the letter in an attempt for the board of directors to amend the current company policies that are in place. The letter was first published in the New York Times. Amazon’s current board members include...

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