Eric Galler

former 3M CMSO
Cardinal Board Services recruited me to my first corporate board several years ago.

Shape Corporation was looking for an independent director with expertise in strategic planning & innovation strategy – a perfect marriage with my skills and experience at 3M as Chief Marketing Strategy Officer. In just a few years, we’ve strengthened the company’s leadership, structure, and systems – which has driven company growth. The process and assistance that Cardinal provided me on joining my first board was invaluable.”

Jim Campbell

Retired Chairman of the Board of Wells Fargo Bank Minnesota
While I have served on many boards over my career and know great number of key executives, we needed an experienced partner to help us identify and recruit two strategic independent directors for Marvin Windows and Doors.

After interviewing several firms, we chose to use Cardinal Board Services. They found a large contingent of highly skilled independent candidates that fit the specific strategic needs of the Marvin board. They were also insightful and easy to work with. I would highly recommend Jim and Charlie.

John Geisler

Retired corporate executive, Cargill Inc
When I retired from a 38 year career with Cargill I was looking to use my experience in a productive way.

Having served on multiple Joint Venture boards while an executive at Cargill, as well as a long tenure on private company corporate board, I was looking to find opportunities for board service. I met Jim Zuehlke during a search he was conducting for a private company board. Since that time Jim and I have gotten to really know each other and Jim is more than a recruiter working to fill a vacancy. Jim is truly interesting in getting to know me and my interests and works to find ways to leverage my background in ways that will be fulfilling for me. Jim placed me on one board and currently working on another opportunity. He and his firm are real partners!!

Kevin J Kenedy

CEO Avaya
I have worked with Jim and Charlie for over 20 years helping me recruit the best talent at 3 companies, Cisco, JDSU and Avaya.

They “Get It”. They get what we do, get our culture, get what we need and most importantly, they Get It Done! Jim and Charlie take a strategic approach to search and represent their clients with the highest integrity, a unique skill-set that makes partnering with them a great experience.

Paul Norton

CEO, The Village Company
My experience with Cardinal Board Services was very rewarding.

They have an effective process by which they were able to recognize how my experience and style aligned perfectly with the strategic needs of the recruiting company.

David Goldberg

CEO Apex International, The Hamlet Companies and Goldberg Consulting
I have been fortunate to have been both a candidate and a client of Cardinal Board Services.

They recruited me to an excellent private company board 5+ years ago. When sometime later it became clear that one of my companies needed an additional board member, we knew we had to engage Cardinal Board Services to do the search. We got an excellent board member with deep industry knowledge in the Consumer Packaged Goods space that helped us refine and improve our go to market strategy. We got a great result!

Bob Kill

President & CEO, Enterprise Minnesota
Cardinal has worked with me at the Board and the executive level, and they have always provided excellent results.

They are a true partner you can trust. Cardinal gets it, and gets it done!

Pat Bowe

CEO, The Andersons, Inc.
My experience being recruited by Cardinal was excellent.

They were extremely knowledgeable about the opportunity, the company, and how it related to my skill set.

Mike LeJeune

President & CEO, Fabcon
The quality of the Board candidates they recruited far exceeded my expectations.

In fact, the candidates they brought forward were so strong that we added four Directors instead of two. All have been an excellent fit and brought great value to the Board.

Alicia K. Harrison

Executive Vice President Commercial Banking, Wells Fargo & Company (retired)
I am grateful for Cardinal's guidance in this endeavor! Thank you!

Life after retirement is exciting – Cardinal Board Services called a month after my retirement of 32 years in commercial banking mostly centered as an executive with the Commercial Banking Group of Wells Fargo. They worked hard to understand my skills, experience and interest as they related to the needs of Ryan Companies Board of Directors. A thorough yet intuitive interviewing process resulted in a positive and skillful recruitment experience.

Greg Palen

Former Chairman of the Board, Polaris Industries, Spectro Alloys and Botanic Oil Innovations
What Jim & Charlie bring to the table is a unique ability to really dig into a company’s overall strategy and direction.

As such, they tend to deliver candidates that fit perfectly with the strategic needs of the Board.