Board Consulting

Executing Consulting for your Board

Increase the governing or advisory capacity of your Board of Directors or Board of Advisors, respectively.

Cardinal Board Services works with you to improve communication between the Board & management, increase productivity, and ensure members align with the needs of the Board. It’s important to review your Board periodically as both business strategy and board members change.

Current Board Of Directors

Using assessment and 360 review processes, we help determine the current state of the capabilities and experiences among the existing board.

We’ll identify areas in which your board could improve  and better serve the immediate and long-term needs of the company.

Risk Analysis

In analyzing the current Board, we look for critical gaps that can pose risk to the organization’s future.

Don’t wait until your company finds itself in crisis mode. Avert a potential disaster with the foresight that Cardinal Board Services offers.

Strategy And Governance

We facilitate discussions about the direction and goals of the Board in order to align the composition of the Board with the strategic and governance needs of the company.

Recruitment Analysis

We review the strengths and weaknesses of an organization’s existing approach to Board recruiting in order to help them leverage past successes and enhance future searches. Also, taking into consideration the importance of succession planning, we’ll develop a plan so that the board continues to operate effectively even when a board member unexpectedly leaves.

Companies are not always in the position of making an immediate change to their board of directors. However, every company would like their board to be as effective as possible. Reviewing the alignment between company goals and board composition is the best way to ensure effectiveness.

Contact Cardinal Board Services to discuss the current state of your board of directors and our board consulting process.