Not Like Other Executive Search Firms

Cardinal Board Services is a leader in Director recruitment and brings a 25-year history and a targeted approach to meeting the unique challenges associated with the organization of the Board and the recruitment of new Board members. Our mission is to create the optimal architecture for your Board of Directors to best serve your company for the long term.

Assembling the right Board of Directors requires a deep understanding of an organization’s strategy and the diverse set of perspectives that together will best guide the business.

Cardinal Board Services partners with organizations to analyze the needs of their Board and to help them acquire the right individuals. Through extensive research techniques that have been refined through years of experience, combined with a specialized knowledge of the challenges at the Board level, Cardinal Board Services is a trusted partner for the most difficult searches that companies face.

Understanding your needs for today and the strategy for tomorrow is essential for building a framework that aligns with the company’s strategy. With this framework in place, we identify the most qualified candidates that bring the skills and experience your Board of Directors needs.

Strong governance at the top will drive your company forward. Developing a plan that outlines the roles of the Board, board member compensation, meeting agendas, succession planning, and more will ensure that your leadership remains effective for years to come.

How We Build Your Board Of Directors

No two boards are the same. Every company is unique in how they are best-served by an effective Board of Directors or Advisors. Partner with a company that understands the challenges this creates and that has a proven track record of building boards that work. Our services include: