Creating Better Boards & Corporate Governance

Just as our tagline says, Cardinal Board Services helps companies build better boards.

At Cardinal Board Services, we believe the Board of Directors is absolutely essential to the success of your company. Your Board may be responsible for any or all of the activities outlined below:

  • Direct or advise on company policy and strategy
  • Communicate company performance to shareholders and investors
  • Audit the performance and compensation of upper management
  • Review and approve annual budgets
  • Appoint company executives

The Board is an integral component of the company and, therefore, should be provided with adequate resources to make the best decisions possible. 

At Cardinal Board Services, we can take your company from the early stages of forming a board throughout the entire formation process.We offer wide variety of Board services such as:

Are you considering establishing a Board of Directors? Have you considered a Board of Advisors?

Depending on the roles you would like the board to perform, we can advise on the ideal leadership structure for your company. Our experience spans from small, private companies looking for an advisory board to large, publicly-traded companies needing to reevaluate the responsibilities of their current directors.

Whatever the needs of your company, Cardinal Board Services is capable of delivering exceptional results and positioning your company for long-term financial success. Contact us today to learn more about how we consistently deliver for our clients.