Board of Directors Search for Women in the Boardroom

Posted in Board Diversity by Jim
19 Sep
Board of Directors Search for Women in the Boardroom

Myself (Jim Zuehlke) and Charlie Roer are co-founders of Cardinal Board Services and we are helping add women to board of directors across the country. We are narrowing the search to help shape companies in the boardroom after hearing complaints from boards that there are difficulties finding c-level females to serve as directors. The search firm has a vast network of women leaders in a variety of industries that provide experience and diversity for privately held companies.

More now than ever before boards are requesting to see female candidates to interview for a board of directors position. Cardinal Board Services offers a flat fee model provides a shortlist of candidates that will immediately help a board continue their work. Recently a study by the Credit Suisse Research Institute show that “companies with female board representation routinely outperform those with no women on the board.”

With a large talent pool to choose from the question remains why aren’t there more females serving on boards. “In a recent assessment of US boards, Groysberg and Bell discovered that female board members actually had far more operational experience on their résumés than male board members, on average. They also found that the majority of female board members reported having actively sought their board seats” according to the recent article in Harvard Business School.

According to 2020 Women on Boards, a campaign to increase women’s board membership to about 20 percent by 2020, directors are often paid more than $100,000 annually and receive stock options that can be very valuable. These obvious benefits along with a resourceful network of female veterans are readily available for board roles.

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