Board Diversity is a Success in the Boardroom

Posted in Board Diversity by Jim
14 Oct
Board Diversity is a Success in the Boardroom

Board diversity is always a hot topic, especially when a board seat becomes available on a company board. The truth is that diversity is evolving.  Diversity goes far beyond gender and race but unfortunately that is what is easiest to measure. Board nominees for women are now 30%, double what they were 6 years ago, and a mere 15% growth year over year.

According to a recent article on “women still make up less than 20 percent of U.S. boards on average, movement toward greater gender parity is evident with the proportion of new nominees that are women nearly doubling over the past seven years at larger firms.” There are more and more women added to the boardroom annually. “Fortune recently ranked several large tech companies based on various diversity statistics, including gender diversity among leadership. Of the dozen companies Fortune included in that ranking, Indiegogo led the way with female employees comprising 43% of its leadership.”

Technology fared poorly and I recently had a meeting with the CFO of a public technology company and he said that they would like to get more women on the boards that he serves on but there are not any that are qualified. That is untrue. Hire a board search firm and they will find qualified women!

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