Director Recruitment

Research-Driven Director Recruitment

Finding the right new director or advisor for your Board can be challenging.

We work with the existing board to understand the needs of today and tomorrow for a new director or advisor. Our research-driven identification process is able to locate the potential new directors, both locally and beyond, that not only fit your needs, but exceed them.

Developing A Board Position Description

We start by partnering with the current Board, CEO, or other stakeholders to define the critical requirements for an open role on the board.

Clearly defining the experience and skill set that you want to see in the next board member is critical in attracting a high quality hire. The incoming board member may be fulfilling the role of the exiting board member or filling a gap that exists in the current board.

Recruiting Board Members

Engaging in extensive research using proven successful techniques, we locate candidates that match the profile and bring them into the organization.

Communicating with potential director candidates is critical. They need to be approached in a way for them to fully consider the opportunity while not being disappointed if they are not selected. Board member positions should be filled by the most capable candidates that align with the needs of the board.

Assisting With Onboarding

We continue to work with the Board member to ensure a smooth onboarding process.

Acclimating the new hire to the culture of the company and the role that member will serve will ensure a seamless transition into the board.

Contact Cardinal Board Services to discuss our board recruitment process and how we’re uniquely capable to find the highest quality candidates for your company.