Why Your Next Board Member Should not be a Man

22 Aug

Board MemberThere are not enough women that sit on a board of directors, that is a fact! The problem with this fact is most seasoned board members who have served on boards for years have a horror story regarding one woman who served on the board which was frustrating. The problem with that logic is it’s like saying that a tall person or someone who worked for General Motors was on the board and they were bad, so now we shy away from all tall people or people who once worked for General Motors for new board members.

The reality is:

  1. Half of the population, your employee base, your customer base, your supplier base are women.
  2. Women naturally look at problem solving differently.
  3. Any woman who is qualified to serve on your board most likely has to work harder and smarter to be in that position so you naturally get an upgraded individual.

If there are no women on your board of directors then you must make it a priority to get a woman or two on your board. Diversity, diversity, diversity! It is what keeps a company relevant. At a minimum a board of directors needs to be committed to having women as candidates (more than just one as a token) for an interview. Board members will make an informed decision and be surprised on how different/diversified the discussion becomes.

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