Seven Reasons Why You Need a Recruiter to Help Select Your Next Board Member

19 Aug

Most board member positions are filled by acquaintances from current board members. Frequently they use this practice to show a vote of confidence to the current board by adding the best kind of individual that fits the board’s personality. There is a huge flaw in that logic.

Experience and diversity are number 1 and 2 on the list for qualifications of a new board member.

An experienced board search firm can bring so much more to finding a new board member.

This includes:

  1. A process that meets the timeline needed for bringing on a new board member.
  2. Market information on board compensation.
  3. Leading the discussion on current board gaps and a bylaw review for best practices.
  4. More candidates and more diverse candidates.
  5. Increasing the positive brand awareness in the marketplace.
  6. Professionally managing the candidate’s expectations when the board makes an alternative choice.
  7. Feedback about the company from industry executives/peers.

The most important reason on the list is #4, more candidates and more diverse candidates. You can expect to have at least 3-5 times more people contacted and considered for the opportunity with an accomplished board recruiter. Also, candidates will come not from a network of like minded people but from a much more diverse background. A good board recruiter can deliver a very specific candidate profile no matter how diverse it is.

There is much more to finding an awesome board candidate than knowing the right person. For more information about recruiting a board member call or click here.