Building the Board of Directors

Posted in Board Recruitment by Jim
25 Jul

The board’s role

The role of the board is something that we might be forgiven for thinking requires little discussion. After all, every company has one. Because the structure is very predictable, the roles and responsibilities of the board members appear to be defined as much by tradition as by conscious decision.

But taking a seat on the board requires more than just agreeing to show up at a certain time and place. It requires a dramatic shift in perspective from any other role associated with running a company. Board members are charged with the unique role of placing themselves at a distance from the details of running the company so that they can identify and assess whether the company is moving in the appropriate direction to achieve its goals. In other words, a board member’s job is to stay clear of issues about “managing” the business and instead focus completely on issues of “directing” the business.

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Source: Jeremy Curnock Cook & Geoffrey Vernon

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