Why You Need to Use a Recruiter for Your Next Board of Director/Advisor

Posted in Board Recruitment by Jim
23 Jul

The majority of the time a company’s board either asks their current board members or CEO who do they know for the upcoming new board position the company will be pursuing. This limits the company, plain and simple.

When a company hires a new VP of Manufacturing or CFO they generally look at who in the company can fulfill the role first. If someone is not qualified to help take the company to the next level then it is natural for the company to look outside the organization and hire a recruiter to look at the whole market.

When it comes to the board it is even more important to look at the whole market and find the best person possible for the company’s future. After all, the boards primary role is to provide governance (through independence) for the stakeholders of the company.

Truly independent directors provide a great deal of value in the diversity of the their experiences and problem solving plus fresh perspectives.

Why use a recruiter? Because a seasoned board recruiter can reach a market 10X bigger than the current board’s or CEO’s personal network. Recruiting board members is a unique skill and requires strategic thought on who to reach out to, how best to approach them and finally how to show them the opportunity in the best possible way. In addition, an experienced board recruiter brings not one, but a group of high caliber board candidates to choose from that will bring added value to the board from the first meeting they attend.

Every board needs to evolve like the market and the only way to do that is to continually bring in more relevant board members.

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