Board Diversity From a Women’s Perspective

Posted in Board Diversity by Jim
21 May

Recently I hosted a table of Women CEO’s at a NACD event titled “The Board Game-How Smart Women Become Corporate Directors”. The speaker was Betsy Berkhemer-Credaire who had written a book with the same title as the presentation.

Betsy the speaker did a nice job explaining how she compiled her stories of a group of women she highlighted in her book that is meant to both inspire women to stand up and be counted in the boardroom along with some valuable hints on how to get invited to the boardroom to begin with.  Below is a list of Tips & Resources for women who would like to serve on Corporate Boards:


  • Read “The Board Game” and consider Betsy’s advice.
  • Participate in NACD-MN events as an educational resource, and an excellent networking opportunity.
  • Develop a “game plan” with target companies where your experience and background is relevant. Do research and develop a contact on the board, if possible.
  • Consider the NACD Director’s Registry.
  • Attend NACD public seminars and also those of credible educational organizations. Again, it is an educational resource and a way to interact with the director community.
  • Participate in the “How to Become a Director” webinar offered by NACD. It is a convenient self-paced course that provides a practical understanding of boardroom best practices, the director selection process and more.
  • Attend the “C-Suite to Board Seat” seminar offered by NACD – a two-day event designed specifically to equip the director candidate with the tools, knowledge and networking opportunities to position yourself as a strategic boardroom asset.
  • Research for mayoral/government appointments to committees or advisory boards.
  • Most importantly, if you are a sitting director on a non-profit board, join NACD as a member to take advantage of the excellent education resources, programs such as the NACD Fellowship program, Director Professionalism course, Directorship 2020 and the Annual Board Leadership Conference.
  • Review all of the materials, tips, techniques and offerings that you will receive, by electronic copy, after the program.