Tips for Joining a Board of Directors

Posted in Board Recruitment by Jim
06 Aug

This week the Harvard Business Review published a blog post about joining a board. I recommend starting with non-profit board that needs real board members vs. people who will be on a board if they donate to the cause. After your initial non-profit board of directors experience, look for an industry association board. Finally a small private company and/or a larger significant non-profit board will help you serve with influential people that will recommend you to companies.

In the HBR article it says “Many senior managers desire — and are qualified — to join a board. And many companies around the world would greatly benefit from infusions of fresh talent and insight into their boards. Yet all too often board positions go to people who are already serving on other boards. So how can you, a promising potential new director, realize your aspiration?

First, let’s look at the reality. Boards can be conservative and clubby institutions. They tend to select new members who are proven quantities — typically, members of other boards. This is understandable but not good: The syndrome can lead to board timidity, herd mentality, and an aversion to innovation, which can hurt or even kill an enterprise.

Despite these barriers, you can do a lot to unlock the boardroom door and become that force for change on a board that is so often needed. Here’s how.”

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