Best way to get noticed as a diversity board candidate!

Posted in Board Diversity by Jim
20 Nov

Many companies strive to bring diversity to the Board of Directors.  As a matter of fact, in August of this year, the State of California passed Senate Resolution 62, calling publicly-held companies to place at least three females on boards of nine or more seats, two females on boards of five to eight seats, and one female on smaller boards.

This means there are going to be more opportunities for women in California.  Having said that, there are two key things that a diversity candidate should do to be better prepared to get noticed and serve on a Board of a company.

First is to get some experience that is of some significance. This means joining the board of the the local United Way or Special Olympics or Industry trade group and GET INVOLVED.  This does not mean by serving on the board of your church or your kids sports association will give you the experience needed.  In addition, if there are smaller private business that could use your skills that would be a wise choice.  A friend of mine, who has served on multiple for profit private/public companies as well as non-profit and university boards, told me that once you are on one board, people start calling all the time.

The second important thing to do is make sure you not only bring your diversity but at least two other significant experiences to a board of directors. Your functional expertise plus one additional value such as your age or international or distribution or industry contacts, etc make you valuable to the organizations board you serve on.

Make sure that you as the diverse candidate is the best candidate!