Why Do I Need to Get New Board Members?

Posted in Board Recruitment by Jim
18 Jul

If this thought has ever crossed your mind, congratulations. If not, it should. The business world changes at an ever increasing rate and for your company to thrive in this environment it needs oversight and governance which should be regularly examined as well.

Ideally any board should have deep experience in their expertise along with deep knowledge of your company. Often times companies put more weight on the extensive company knowledge from a current board member because of the years of experience than the ever changing knowledge and experience needed about the challenges facing the company.  

Add new board members to change and upgrade the conversation. New board members with new experiences will look at challenges differently with a fresh set of eyes.

My recommendation is to add a new board member or two to the current mix. By doing this it will not force someone to leave (unless there is a board member not performing and needs to go). This can be justified because the company is growing and needs some added specific experiences at the board level. This also will provide the minimal amount of disruption on the board. Once the new board member or two has settled in and adding value one of the less productive board members will find it easier to leave, especially if they are having trouble keeping up.

In my experience almost all board members serve to help the company succeed and will step aside if asked politely and if the people added to the board will make it stronger. To continue the conversation click here or call .