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On Monday, December 8th, it was announced that Trudy Rautio the CEO of Carlson Companies was appointed to the Board of Directors of Cargill Corporation.  It could be construed that this was a diversity addition to the Cargill board as Trudy will be the only female independent board member.  That is too easy of an assumption.  So what would be the real reason that Trudy was added.  Maybe it is because Cargill and Carlson companies both are located in Minnetonka or the companies names both start with the letter “C”.
Most likely the reasons are multifaceted such as Carlson is a multi generational billion dollar private company or that she runs a truly global company just like Cargill.  She obviously has great board experience with the variety of for profit and non-profit organizations she serves.  Overall it seems like a great addition and her perspective will help guide Cargill in the future.
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