Women Board Members Increase in 2015? A Board Search Firm Responds

21 Jan Women Board Members Increase in 2015? A Board Search Firm Responds

Maggie WilderotterAs a board search firm who works with privately held companies to recruit board members, we are constantly discussing the topic of adding women to the board of directors. According to a recent Washington Post article, women hold 19% of the board seats on corporate boards. The increase in conversation provides optimism for promoting more women in business and leadership.

“I don’t believe shaming anyone makes a difference on this topic,” said Maggie Wilderotter, the CEO and chair of Frontier Communications, who is among the five women on her 12-member board. “But I do think a lever that is gaining some momentum is that the investment community  the shareholders — are starting to look at diversity.”

Many industries including banking, consulting and academics have shown that adding more women to a company’s board leads to a better financial performance. To find out more about how Cardinal Board Services works with CEO’s and board members to recruit new board members call 952-314-4636 or click here.


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